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Drop shipping offers many benefits for retail sellers. First of all you don’t ever have to carry any stock! Drop ship companies do that for you. All you have to do is to send them the orders, in most cases electronically or by fax and they take care of the shipping process for you. You save the hassle of carrying inventory and save money by not having to rent costly warehouse space. The wholesale dropshipper will process the orders for you, pull the product, package it and ship it. Generally they will ship the product to your customer without anything identifying themselves. That way it looks like it shipped from you directly. It sounds really simple...that’s because it is!

You can offer great products on your own retail website without worrying about stocking items you might not be able to move. No more buying in bulk and hoping to sell through your inventory so that you can purchase more. Let the drop shipper worry about what sells and what doesn't. Chances are, they know more about the products then you do anyway and will better inventory items that move.

Another benefit of drop shipping is that you have the choice of promoting any number of products you want on your website. Since you do not need to make upfront capital investments, you have the flexibility of promoting as many types and brands of products that you want, as long as the products are all related to the theme of your online store.

You simply put the products up on your website, and then let the sales start to roll in! The next step is to decide on what to sell and from what drop shipping company to purchase from. Selecting the right drop shipper can sometimes be a daunting task, but in the end it is definitely worth the effort.

Benefits of Dropshipping 

  • Open for business quickly
  • No need to stock inventory, eliminating significant business expense
  • Spend time promoting your business instead of packing and shipping goods
  • Carry an array of products including large items


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