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Whether you have found a dropshipper on a drop shipping list or doing your own search, there are a few key points that you must remember before choosing a company to work with. A smart buyer will always conduct thorough research before making any final decisions concerning which drop shipping company to use. Many business owners become unhappy with the companies they select because they failed to understand the necessary processes and inherent risks involved in operating this type of business. Make sure that you are aware of issues involved in dealing with some manufacturers and wholesale distributors including backorders which they may not be upfront about initially. If the dropship supplier that you are dealing with does not keep an ample supply of goods in stock than you will have to deal with backordered items. A backorder is when an item is out of stock. Companies generally ship backordered items once they are available. This would increase the wait time for your customers.

Things You Should Know

Make a list of questions to ask before opening an account with any dropship company. Here are some examples of what to ask:

  • Find out if their is a dropship fee, and if so what is it? Some dropshipping companies say that their is no fee but they make money on the shipping instead.
  • Find out if the drop shipper you are interested in charges ACTUAL shipping rates or if they tack on a premium.
  • Do they charge for packaging materials?
  • Are all the products that they sell in stock?
  • Are their minimum orders for certain items?
  • What is their return policy?
These are the type of things that you must consider and research before choosing a dropshipper for your business.
 Take the time to research and choose wisely. Good luck!

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